Monday, September 5, 2011

Polegasm - Anyone else ever have an orgasm while climbing a rope or pole?

when i was a kid in gym class, i would get that funny feeling down there when i would get about half way up the rope. i soon started to realize that it wasn't the rope, but the climbing action itself. i figured out that i could climb poles, or anything for that matter, and i could get off. recently i saw a video of a girl, and then a guy, who figured out that they could go through the climbing motions necessary to get to orgasm by straddling the edge of a door, and basically doing pull ups.

has anyone else ever experienced these climbing orgasms? i can tell you that my orgasms are very strong, and pleasurable! would love to hear what other people have experienced, and if they are still climbing!


Pole climbing orgasm ?

I will try and post this in the right section now. I recently re-discovered that I can a great feeling by climbing a rope, pole or door. I thought it was only an adolescent thing but I read on the net that older people can orgasm like this (not sure if I can mention the site here). I find if I climb to a certain point then stay still but 'shinny' up and down then you can. It is quite enjoyable though. It's wierd but does anyone else share this or do this?

I used to install flagpoles, but I wasnt getting any work done.

Thanks goodness you already know that that's weird. It's really really weird. So, stop it before it gets too late, ok.

Hmmm.... can't say I've ever tried it - or even thought about it for that matter! But gee..... now that you mention it.... Now wheres that sisal rope I was using to build a cat scratching post with.....?

well your are rubbing a pole or rope on your private region , so you would feel pleasure no matter what age. And no i dont do that ..

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Polegasm is an orgasm when climbing a pole or rope.

Dance Pole

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